The Riddle of the Red Envelope

The Riddle of the Red Envelope | THE GAGSTER

Lily, Chloe, and Ava were three best friends, who attended a high school in a small town in Japan. They were known for their intelligence and love for adventure. One day, as they were walking to their locker, they stumbled upon a red envelope that was sticking out of the school mailbox. They were curious and decided to open it. To their surprise, the envelope contained a mysterious riddle.

The riddle read: “Find the hidden treasure, within the walls of our school, where knowledge is power and history unfolds.”

The girls were intrigued and couldn’t resist the temptation to solve the riddle. They spent the next few days, during their free time, searching the school for any clues that might lead them to the hidden treasure. They searched high and low, going through every nook and cranny of the school, but they could not find anything.

One day, while they were sitting in the library, they came across an old book that contained the history of their school. They quickly realized that the answer to the riddle might be hidden within its pages. They read through the book and found a cryptic message that hinted at a secret door located in the basement of the school.

The girls were determined to find the secret door and see what lay behind it. They went down to the basement and searched for the door. After a few minutes, they found a hidden lever that opened a secret passage. They went through the passage and found themselves in a room filled with treasure. The treasure was a collection of books, manuscripts, and artifacts that had been donated to the school over the years but had been forgotten over time.

The girls were overjoyed and couldn’t believe their luck. They had solved the riddle and found the hidden treasure. They decided to keep the secret to themselves and use the knowledge they gained from the treasure to make their school a better place. They worked together to catalog and preserve the treasure, and soon, the library became the center of knowledge and history for their school.

From that day on, the story of the three girls and their quest to solve the riddle of the red envelope became a legend at their school. The school library was renamed in their honor, and generations of students were inspired by their bravery and determination to make their school a better place. The riddle of the red envelope had been solved, but the story of the three girls’ quest for knowledge and adventure would live on forever.


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