Spy x Family Cosplayers Recreate the Anime’s Visuals With Height Accuracy

Three cosplayers have taken on the roles of Twilight, the Thorn Princess, and Starlight Anya and recreated the posters of the anime “Spy x Family” in a 1:1 ratio.

Posted by @/linnnng_cos on Instagram, the cosplayer, along with @/nc__tw and @/ portrayed the Forger family, giving fans a glimpse of what a live-action anime adaptation might look like, with @/linnnng_cos as Yor Forger, @/nc__tw as Loid Forger, and @/ as Anya Forger. They even edited the Anya cosplayer so that she matched the size measurements of Anya in the poster. To recreate the anime as closely as possible, the cosplayers made sure to pay attention to every last detail, even letting their clothes dangle in the air.

About Spy x Family

In March 2019, Tatsuya Endo’s Spy x Family launched on Shonen Jump+.
Spy x Family quickly won the hearts of readers all over the world with its tale of an eclectic found family made up of a spy pretending to be a father for the sake of world peace, an assassin pretending to be a city worker, and a four-year-old telepath pretending to be a normal six-year-old child.

Although each character has different reasons for continuing their farce, they all ultimately yearn to be a part of a family because they know their love is unconditional.

An anime adaptation with two split courses was created in April 2022 by Wit Studio and CloverWorks.

The series had already sold over two million copies before the anime’s relaunch.
Spy x Family produced 15 million copies when the anime started airing.
The manga has sold over 29 million copies as of December 2022.

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