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Aqua from KonoSuba | THE GAGSTER

Any conversation about dumbness is incomplete without the great goddess of water Aqua sama. Aqua is a fascinating but troubled character. She is vivacious, carefree, and upbeat, but she rarely considers the consequences of her own actions.

Aqua always acts or speaks at her whims, even if she doesn’t force her opinions on others, as a result, she is prone to acting inappropriately in a variety of stages.

It’s also quite simple to mock Aqua or seduce her with praises. Aqua, as a goddess of water, feeds on praise and worship by her followers, hence she frequently does wonderful things, but then undermines her own merits by aggressively and continuously seeking acclaim/praise. Aqua is also quite short-sighted, thus some of her ‘good actions’ end up being utter disasters.

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